Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Whats all this about?

So i'm off in one month, to where? Romania!

I was asked a while back by a friend if I could go across to Romania with the charity E4CN (education for children in need): to run some photography workshops during their run of two weeks of creative workshops.....
I thought about it a bit, and decided why not? things haven't been to great so far in 2008 and this will be something to put an end to that, a fresh start, something to get excited and motivated about....

I decided that pinhole photography would be the most do-able with a small budget and without access to photo labs or computers. So set about tring to make some cameras!

I've come up with a shoebox design (thanks clarks) with handmade pinholes and big enough to fit 10x8 rc paper inside so that we could make big images! (we couldn't use film as it wouldn't be instant enough and printing would be hard without an enlarger).
Images of the camera to come soon!

I feel it's a good idea to chart this projects progress and write about each stage as it happens, lots to catch up on so will write more soon.

Above and below are images from the camera.