Sunday, 17 August 2008


So i'm back in the UK and the project is Maru is finished!
Here are some pictures of our darkroom setup:

It ended up being in the corridoor of a school between a classroom and a library type place, though it wasn't being used as a school at the time so we weren't blocking anybodies path!

A close-up of the chemical trays.

This area was used to make copies of prints using the negative created by the pinhole placed upside down on another piece of fresh photo paper and then switching a lamp on for a few seconds to create a positive image.

The kids seemed to really enjoy taking images with these 'magical' boxes and were facinated when the images appeared in the darkroom (they watched while I got my hands dirty/chemically!), being right next to the darkroom and able to see the negative images pretty soon after they'd taken the shots really helped keep their interest.

In the original information given to me about the workshops I was told that i'd have teachers and a translator onside to help me run these workshops, for whatever reason this didn't happen so it ended up being me having to explain complex art ideas to the kids in a language they didn't understand, they did really well and were very patient with me! But this meant that the photos taken were quite limited, we stayed in school grounds/around the school and therefore personal portraits of homelife etc could not take place, but we did take plenty of portraits together! Next time I set off on a project like this I will make sure I get to talk to at least a translator to make sure that I will have somebody around to help me deliver the project!
The photos taken by the kids will follow shortly in another blog.