Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Kids photos (finally!)

a test shot of the whole crew the day before starting the workshops
the first photo they took

th director of the school with some of the kids

they decided to take a picture of me!


mute swimmer said...

These pics are fantastic Claire. Looks like you had a great trip - more in the pipeline maybe? Hope all's well in Blighty.

ps: I know I'm being slow but how do you make friends on these blog things?

yellow bear said...

Hello Guy!
Sorry I didnt find your message here until just now!
I'm not sure if you can become friends on here, more followers of a blog I think!
On somebodys blog page, somewhere near the top to the right there should be a link to "follow this blog" Unless thats not what you meant!
I'm really enjoying your writings, and your pictures on flickr also (yet meaning to comment).
Romania was amazing, i'm back there again in April and then again in August! more pinhole!
I need to get out here with the pinhole but these dark days are not helping, 5 minute exposures are tough when you are impacient with technology as it is!
anyway, stop ranting, hope you find this message!
Take care,
C x