Thursday, 3 July 2008

The cameras are in progress

The pinholes ready to test:

The pile of boxes to prepare (I'm taking 12 over):

The tin can pinhole on a camera:

The inside of the camera:

I'm going to be flattening these boxes once they are created and tested so that we can take them over in our luggage!
I didn't realise how little paint is in a spray can!! I bought one matt black can and managed to spray just three cameras! I think i'm going to change to good old paint in a can for the rest!!

After I posted a thread on the flickr Brighton group I have had a few genourous donations for the project in the form of black insulation tape (we need loads of this!) and some money, thankyou sooo much to anyone who is taking an interest in this project.

I have spoken to somebody at Ilford/Harman in regards to some sponsorship for the project in the form of photographic paper, she seemed pretty positive and is going to put my case forward, fingers crossed!!!

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